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    Here you can see, when he wants to climb over the wall, you give him some hits with a weapon

    Yes note, the goal is not to do sdm, but to make it stop, but without looking for it aim and do it exactly once, but if you have to pay a promise

    Well you upload a report for sdm, but i don"t see this "Sdm" anywhere, only once as i pass through you with the bike

    Also wir haben uns alle versammelt und sind MPower und @Deveraux hinterher gefahren, er wurde weder Gebindet und Meines Wissen nach wurde kein einziger Schuss von uns abgegeben.

    Als wir die geortet haben und ich Poldi hinterhergefahren bin, sahen wir die 3 an der „s kurve“ und sie schossen sofort auf uns.

    Von mir ging kein einziger Schuss aus.

    you say you drove after Mpower and me but i wasn't in the car my brother but i wasn't in the car at least learn to lie

    On the video it seems like you shoot with MPower on the police.

    You can't even see me shooting him just as I point a weapon at him, but I didn't even know what the situation was, they just stopped next to me and I thought he shot him during the chase and I saw that he was shooting and I intervened to help Mpower because we are from a gang. and then a report ...? I think my name shouldn't be in the complaint after I haven't even targeted it, but even if I'm not guilty I agree to give it compensation

    Devereaux and MPower it has no matter if they came to arrest you two or not because they didnt bind you. When they make the first bind than its allowed to shoot. Its a other thing when you get wanteds for deathmatch like bombardment or assault and so on. When you got those wanteds than you can shoot right away in 3 min. But what you two did is sDM.

    Mine is not Sdm because I didn't know what happened during the chase, they just stopped next to me and started firing, after which I saw that they were shooting at the police, after which I have the right to help, right?

    Du hast keinen einzigen bind bekommen, wir sind nur hinterher gefahren und ihr habt geschossen MPower @Deveraux mehr gibts da nivht zu sagen

    Edit:// Und ihr habt keine wanteds in den letzten 3 min bekommen.

    On top of that, I don't know what happened after you chased Mpower, you came straight to me and I saw that he started shooting you, and I have the right to help him, but I didn't even survive you and I don't know if you shot him after you shot him. pursued ..

    You have to understand that not all cops coming to help me but when I push my need help button I know some cops are on the way.

    Thet they were 2- cops online and i went to them i don't know who come to help you..

    I know I can play 3 minutes after the fight, but after I killed you, I went to your colleagues without a problem and went to my base. And I want you to understand and not make the most of it

    I understand very well why you write it, I do not try to translate why the translator does not work, but as far as the rules i know them, you just look to claim the least and pardon me again

    I told him what to say, but if he still agreed to do something to forget him ..

    + I want to see proof of the reassurance as you say

    Wie schon erwähnt gehabt, hat er mir genau 30hp abgezogen. Davor eben noch den Reifen hinten links. Warum er das getan hat weiß ich nicht.

    Wie oft, um dir zu sagen, ob ich deinen Reifen nicht geknackt habe, aber solange ich geschossen habe, war es vielleicht ein Fehler, aber es war mir egal, ob du so hungrig nach 5 km bist, um dir eine Beschwerde zu geben, dass ich nicht für dich bin das Geld

    Und warum lädst du nicht ein Video hoch, in dem du vor der Polizei sitzt und ohne Grund auf mich schießt und ich dich deshalb töten kann?