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    i lost 1kk then won 4kk with another 1kk so you can win your money back, of course

    Der Unterschied ist das der Gt an die Staatskasse geht und ein Drogentruck an den Spieler also ist das schonmal dann nichtmehr gerecht.

    BR at 0 staatler will be much better since they can have GT at 0 as well, and DT is kinda bad, 3k weed is nothing unless your a new game player but even then not a big difference

    Staat will always say no just so they can have even better gameplay cause rn if ur in bfraki u have to wait for staatler, if ur staatler you don't wait for anything you can straight up make aktions as much as u want seeing that u need 3 bfrakis on(and there are 4) and people from bfrakis are more active also they arent all in bundniss at once like PD&FBI&SF are

    - also another thing could be if they make aktions at 1 staatler as we can see there aren't a lot of active players, when people start joining, they should up it back to 3 but idk even then it has to do stuff with the rules of the server #regelwerk

    one thing more:
    some cops are using their powers more than they should, they make you insult them to put your more wanteds or just waste your time and stuff like that
    that's like non-rp and stuff and it's ruining gameplay

    Hello, I want to say, sorry for using English, but I wanted to say and express it as best as I could.
    I remember when I played back in eXo (2015-2016) , there was Flooding, basically the whole map gets in water(without mountains), basically Tsunami. Boats have no usage at all unless you wanna drive them for some stunts with friends, or go fishing. Vortex are even worse, people barely drive 50 km with them, and then stop using them, even some people want their Vortex's to be deleted because they're useless at this point, even if they're an achievement/reward by achieving 1000 hours, theyre useless. When there was Flooding, Rescue had more job, because they had boats and had to go and rescue people when there were floodings. Boats were used, and overall it was enjoyable, fun and reallife experience.

    - Mostly important, I don't think this will ever come back, but it's nice to discuss it, boats&vortexs are useless at this point, there isnt much reallife experience in the server.
    - I don't think this is much of script work too, since it already has been included in the server
    - Again sorry, for using English but as I said I wanted to say it as how I thought of it and express it as best as I could!
    Make eXo great again ?

    Dan hast du halt Pech gehabt.

    Eine Geiselnahme ist eine Aktion. Das bedeutet sobald eine Gang ein Gn machen würde, dürfte keine Fraktion in diesem Zeitraum eine richtige Aktion starten. Zudem würde bei 20 Gangs das Geld des Staates leer gehen, was auch nicht Sinn der Sache ist. sLi hat es schon ganz gut erklärt. Es gibt einfach zu viele Gangs. Prinzipiell bin ich auch dafür, das Gangs mehr Möglichkeiten haben. Das bezieht sich aber nicht auf die ganzen Aktionen. Denkt euch lieber mal ein gutes Konzept für eine neue Gang ( Aktion ) aus. Als Beispiel so etwas, wie ein Autohausüberfall um die Autos für 500-1200$ bei einem bestimmten Punkt zu verkaufen. Es muss halt ein Konzept sein, was auch umsetzbar sein muss.

    Liebe Grüße.

    It's not like you put 3 street washing machines that make probably 100,000$ if not more per day, also if BFrakis make aktion, you get a lot of money by putting them wanteds(after catching them later), but also making geld-trucks, and it's not like having a 200kk only in SAPD-kasse, right? I also would find it unfair but just pointing it out, because it looks like you make it look like you say you haven't got money in your fraki-kasse.

    InGame Name: Francesco.

    Was ist geschehen?: Ich gab ihm 500.000 $ Kredit, den er sagte, er werde 3-4 Tage zurückgeben, aber er wurde gebannt. Er hat mir im Forum mitgeteilt, dass er sie zurückgeben wird, wenn er (in 20 Tagen) nicht gesperrt ist. Ich wartete ungefähr anderthalb Monate auf ihn und schrieb eine beschwerde. Er spielt jetzt und ich fragte ihn, ob du mir mein Geld zurückgeben willst, und er beleidigt mich einfach.

    Höhe des Schadens: 500,000$

    Weitere Beteiligte: PascoPL

    Zeitpunkt des Geschehens: ~21 April 2020

    Screens oder Logs: und

    Are you crazy? Why I played 1279 Std, and other people have played much more? You stopped playing and now crying about reset, It had reset already in which we lost playtime of a year and half, so better shut up with this eXo reset. Their economy system is good and the server is active, what do you want it's 2020 MTA? 200 players online always? I don't think so, It's possible only if eXo pays an youtuber for advertising. This is really bad suggestion, people have grinded and collected autos, worked for hours and hours to get their favourite thing and now reset... And if theres reset, how will we have premcars again? The unactive Immobile/Haus of a player, get released with green marker if they were unactive for too long.


    Antrag auf eine Vortex

    InGame-Name: Francesco.

    Spielstunden: 1003 Std.

    Fahrzeug welches umgesetzt werden soll (Name): Faggio

    Fahrzeug welches umgesettet werden soll (Fahrgestellnummer): 31926

    [x] Hiermit bestätige ich das ich 1000 Spielstunden auf meinem Account habe.

    [x] Hiermit bestätige ich das das oben genannte Fahrzeug zu einer Vortex umgesettet werden soll.

    When i join into the server, type my password correct, it says Multiaccount. We are 2 accounts from 1 PC because its me Francesco. and my brother Flexius . If any admin can help me fix it i would really appreciate it.

    Deine Serial wird fur mehrere Accounts benutzt. Dies Kann passieren, wenn sich jemaund auf deinemen PC mit anderen Accountdaten einloggt. Bitte melde dich forum ( unter 'administrative Anfragen', um das problem zu. everytime i try to log in it says that. Yeah on one PC we are 2 accounts i think some of u the admins will know who i am, me and my brother Flexius

    How to fix it...?
    Flexius , Francesco. Those are our names.