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    Nah mate it would be better if we had an GPS tracker wich we can only get from Airdrops

    Yes airdrop would be good. I forgot that :D

    What would be the benefit of this? As someone has to drive the truck anyway the faction which started the mission should always know where the truck is

    /E just to clarify: You are talking about making the position only of the WT visible on the map?

    Yes. Wt can flip or something. And some teammembers ask for '' Where the hell is WT?'' So This update can fix these problems.

    This GPS only visibles WT's position on Map(F11)

    Hello to everyone.

    I will explain this instantly

    In the San Fierro NPCs will have a GPS but finding will be medium and price will be 5k or 3k.

    You can put this GPS when you start WT with left click to wt

    This GPS will make a marker on F11 to fraktion members.

    If Staats find wt , they can close the GPS by clicking to WT

    Die STVO Punkte wurden von unserer Seite aus gerecht verteilt. Es wurden keine doppelten oder nicht gerechtfertigten STVO´s vergeben. Es handelt sich bei den Punkten um getrente Vergehen.

    Kann sich diesbezüglich mal bitte ein Teammitglied äußern.

    And the same: I have not the best englisch. Pls translate my text with Google.

    I never see you next to me. Where did i crash a pdler? Where did i make a crash?

    You must save your self w video proofs. Do it then

    No. Stvo not fixed. I lost my license because of you. And after I got 5 stvo too. I wrote you in ts3 and you didin't want to talk so I don't care. No need to cry

    I know it is 65. I'm asking for some settings for more fps in F2

    Hey, as well as i unterstand this, you got 3 Wanteds for Shooting, and then you ran into your Base? If I'm right, then he didnt breake the Rules, because when he gives you 3 Wanteds for "Beschuss" he ist allowed to shoot you for 3 Minutes, even if you run into your base, he's still allowed to shoot at you.

    No. both of them was in base. and i sniped them and after i killed them I got wanteds for waffennutzung. after 40 secs he came in base

    InGame Name: xxxtentacion.

    Name des Täters: lilxluzifer

    Uhrzeit & Datum: 01.06.2020 22:59

    Zeugen & Screenshots: Vatos base :

    Was ist passiert?: I killed David and Crazyxshark. After i got wanteds(all officers were down while i got wanteds) after +45sec luzifer came in base and tried to kill me but I killed him after +5 sec babyknock came in base and killed me. They can't push to base when i got 3 wanteds
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    Hello. My gpu was using %+85 and also cpu 9-10 months ago but now it uses 30 40 and also cpu 60 70. That fucked my FPS. What can i do? Should i re-install GTA SA?

    here is a sample :

    GPU: R7 240 2GB
    CPU: Q9650

    InGame Name: xxxtentacion

    Name des Täters: Feanvy

    Uhrzeit & Datum: 19.03.2020 15:38

    Zeugen & Screenshots: Edu. ProMtaGamer

    Was ist passiert?: He said me '' Hurensohn '' , Beleidigung

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    Geklart Fee : 50k

    Eindeutige ID: EmXTy9uIGi2qpDnfv5UDiQyGR54=

    Teamspeak Name: xxxtentacion.

    [x] Ich erkläre mich mit den Regeln von eXo-Reallife einverstanden.