Bewerbung für unban

  • Name: Auron

    In game name: xXAuronXx

    Much than 50h: yes [x] No []


    reason for ban:

    i dont know well because i'm just saying

    reason for unban:

    i wana play much that cuz i love this server

    what did i doo:

    i did not let me go out and a person i didnt know the name shot my car my car was broken for a lil bit shots and i shot him on his head and i killed him than i let him my road and i get out when i get out a persone poldi oldi i dont know what his name shot me and he was killing me i escapet and i show my tank what i have to say

    some words for this server:

    i wana know what the fuck is now i got it for a person who shot my car and i killed him i got a fight there whyyyyy that ban i wana know with that new admins i got ban its okay but if you go in this way with permanents you will have extinguished soo dont go that way i have for your own good reason for me its not aa many problem.

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